Pancoast tumour


I'm so worried since 2018 I had shoulder pain was hairdresser then went to a call centre so right arm was used a lot 

had X-rays showed minor lipping then came neck pain 

eventuAlly ct scan in 2019 showed prolapse c5c6 to left 

all my problems are to the right and neuro said not associated 

plus a brain aneurysm neuro said not associated 

brain scan showed sinus infection I wasn't aware of 

but that has worsened into eAr pressure like feeling full and ringing plus throat sensation of mucus but I've no mucus there no cough no wheezing no chest pains 

constant right dude upper outer arm ache which goes to sometimes the forarm it's draining 

had emg nerve test in that right side that was all clear 

we are now 2020 the neck is still sore although neuro ssid they wasn't an issue to intervene surgically as it's to the left my issues are right sided so he ordered that emg test which is all good he now wants an mri 

I guess of the shoulder or chest region 

thsts not through yet as with all this virus around to 

it's not been dealt with yet 

upon researching which I know is bad I'm convinced myself I've a Pancoast tumour there I'm tiny so it's hard to tell the exact pain but definitely the top of shoulder going down to outer upper arm it's like an ache a hot shower and wheat packs relieve it slightly and constant ear pressure ringing and throat sensation daily ice lollies help the throat ent had a look 4 months back and said all looked normal sinus etc and back if throat she used a numb spray and camera up nose back of throat 

with these symptoms I'm so scared it's a tumour especially as no cough no wheeze and this ache my shoulder if I move it up and down like a shrug it clicks also it's driving me mad can't go Gp ad there all busy and I'm worried about hospitals with Covid 19 

min a complete mess I've cryed all day thinking the worst I use to smoke to my mum passed away of lung cancer she 68 plus her dad at 56 I'm 54 and terrified I'm already waiting brain surgery and thus has just so upset me when I turn my head to left there is a tight pull there like the levatator area this is all getting worse and in besides myself it's been since 2018 nit as bad at first but now where 2020 and I'm worried a tumour has manifested itself any advice would be grateful 


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Hi Milley31,


I'm sorry that you've been experiencing all these symptoms, but there are a number of factors that make it extremely unlikely that you have a pancoast tumor. First, a CT would almost without exception reveal the presence of such a tumor, especially one which is causing such significant symptoms. Second, with symptoms that have lasted as long as yours have, the cancer would likely have progressed well beyond where you are today. Finally, a number of your symptoms are not consistent with a pancoast tumor, and some appear to have other, more likely, possible causes.

As you realize, self diagnosis from internet research is often in error, and over the years here at GRACE many members have posted similar concerns but none have later posted that their self-diagnosis was correct. A pancoast tumor is at the bottom of a long list of possible conditions which cause shoulder pain.


I hope you can find answers and relief from your symptoms. 


Jim C Forum Moderator