Partial Progression

Thu, 11/25/2021 - 12:40

When there is evidence of successful therapy of EGFR with TKI in one area of the lung but suggestion of progression in another area, what is the next best diagnostic path? My impression is that this scenario would yield probabilities we could test, such as the likely nature of the second mechanism.Is it not true that progression is most likely a global failure of the first TKI therapy?

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Hi CDaniele,
Welcome to Grace. If the TKI is working except for one or 2 places local treatment such as radiation can be used to get rid of the resistant cells. This can allow the person to continue with the same TKI. The goal here is to use a treatment for as long as possible and keep other treatments for the future. This is an excellent video with Dr. Weiss to explain this treatment.
I hope this helps. Let us know if there is something I've missed or something else we can help you with.
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