Invasive mucinous adenocarcinoma

Sat, 04/16/2022 - 17:50

Just found this site and am looking for some information about lung IMA. I was diagnosed May, 2020 and had left lower lung lobectomy. The tumor was small relatively 1.7cm x 1.0 cm (it had doubled in size following an incidental CT for kidney stone in 2019). No lymphatic, vascular or pleural spread but there was STAS. ,It was a solitary tumor, not the pneumatic type. My thoracic surgeon is following with every 6 month scans. So my next scan coming up in June will be 24 months cancer free, hopefully. Surgeon, however, says that there is a high rate of recurrence with invasive mucinous adenocarcinoma so will, of course, continue with annual scans after the next one in June. My question is just how high is the recurrence rate of a small solitary IMA with STAS completely resected?

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Hi Scruboak, I will ask Dr. West to comment, it may be tomorrow. He's an expert in the field and will have thoughtful input. The fact that it was caught and taken before moving into lymph nodes or elsewhere is always a good sign that your odds are better.

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A couple of links pertaining, These are both from Asian countries and there may be differences in Asian population and caucasion pop, we'll let Dr. West help out here too.

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I asked Dr. West and he said that this is a question he can't answer, we don't have studies that give details that specific. He said to his knowledge, that this information doesn't exist.


As the front desk person/forum mod I think even an answer that says there is no answer is helpful when it comes from someone who's an experienced expert. I think it gives plausibility to stop searching and accept what we know and don't know.

Statistics work really well when you're using them for a large number of people but not so much when you're talking about one person. That one person could be on any part of the spectrum. My husband was a huge outlier a number of times and I've come to realize that most everyone is at some point in a cancer journey.


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Thank you so much, Janine. It helps me to just chill overall.