Invasive mucinous adenocarcinoma

Just found this site and am looking for some information about lung IMA. I was diagnosed May, 2020 and had left lower lung lobectomy. The tumor was small relatively 1.7cm x 1.0 cm (it had doubled in size following an incidental CT for kidney stone in 2019). No lymphatic, vascular or pleural spread but there was STAS. ,It was a solitary tumor, not the pneumatic type. My thoracic surgeon is following with every 6 month scans. So my next scan coming up in June will be 24 months cancer free, hopefully.

GGO and FDG uptake

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm grateful to have found this site.I created a post a few minutes ago but I can't find it! I hope I'm not duplicating this. I was diagnosed stage 1A add no carcinoma in August 2020. I had my upper left lobe removed via VATs surgery. My tumor was 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.1 cm, adenocarcinoma, lepidic predominant with focal papillary feature.  Grade 1-2, well to moderately differentiated. At the time of diagnosis, a PET scan showed a maximum SUV of 24.2 (which I believe is extremely high).

OncTalk 2020 Live Online Dec. 5

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lung lobectomy for Adenocarcinoma

I was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma for the second time just a few weeks ago. I had VATS surgery 5 years ago to remove very small tumors (2cm) in my right lower lobe. Since that date, I have had CT scans every 6 months. In September the radiologist noticed some growth in what had been a suspicious spot in my left upper lobe. Biopsy confirmed it was the same multifocal, indolent kind of cancer that I had in my right lung. I am schedule for an upper lobe lobectomy in 2 weeks via VATS to remove two ~ 1.3 cm tumors.

Lung adenocarcinoma--how long to keep up with annual CT scans

I just had a negative annual CT scan 6-1/2 years post-surgery for a 3 cm right upper lobe adenocarcinoma (slow-growing BCC type, EGFR mutation). I had a lobectomy, negative nodes, and no further treatment. My doctor says the risk of another tumor elsewhere in my lungs continues to add up at 3% per year, in other words, it's now at about 20% after 6+ years. They are watching a few small, so-far completely inactive spots in some of my other lobes. Standard of care is to keep having a CT every year for the rest of my life.