Lost Thread - 1245040


Mark, looking for your help

I previously started a thread called Clinical Trail. This has reappeared having being closed after the last upgrade. But now I can't find the current thread, which ran to 5 pages, called Clinical Trial NCT.................

And neither shows up in my profile.

Are you able to point my in the right direction.

I am feeling somewhat frustrated as I had finally found my way around the upgrade and now it's changed again. I realise each is an incremental step for improvement but have two suggestions:

Let people know when an upgrade will happen

Let people know what has actually changed.

I am feeling I have to start all over and am just not sure I am up to it, despite how much I love this site and i fact this site is the only one of which I am an active member.

I realise you do lots of fantastic work so I apologize for any unintentional criticism.



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I reopened the original thread, as it now has a home in the new forums. I can close it if you want, but I figured since the old forums were closing, users would prefer to continue on with the original thread as opposed to creating yet another thread.

Please tell me what you would like me to do.