Dealing with a Pancoast Tumor Diagnosis

I've started this thread for a new member I've been messaging with and we wanted to bring the conversation to the forums.
Pandora wrote about her person who has a pancoast tumor and since my husband also had one wants to hear what I have to add.
Her last post said, "I just wanted to know how your husband dealt with the disease. My father in law has an abdominal aortic aneurysm. He is 76 and thw pdl 1 is >1-49%, which is not so good regarding to the treatment with immunotherapy in first line."

Are We Too Late?

My 57-year old brother was finally diagnosed Friday with Invasive Mucinous Adenocarcinoma after being misdiagnosed with pneumonia since June 2020. It started with consolidation in the lower right lobe, but now his right lung is fully compromised and it has spread to his left lung. So he's had the cancer untreated now for almost a year and it's so widespread. Are we too late? The thoracic surgeon who did the wedge resection removed three tumors for testing and says he won't refer to a cancer hospital until he gets the results in a few weeks.

OncTalk 2020 Live Online Dec. 5

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Diagnosed with Invasive mucinous adenocarcinoma(IMA) lung cancer

My sister was diagnosed with IMA lung cancer this July. It was found during the physical exam. She is 55 years old, otherwise very healthy and active, and has never smoked. Since the tumor was very big, 4.4 cm, the doctor scheduled surgery and removed the lower lobe of her right lung in mid-July and said it is stage 2A. The PET scan and the examination of the tumor tissue did not find any spread.

Brain Necrosis vs Metastasis

Hello I am an 8 yrs alk+ cancer survivor. Fast forward... I had Mets in the brain that cleared with Alsensa except for one.  When this progressed it was radiated and 6 months later I developed radiation necrosis. Took dexamethizone for 9 months trying to save my right peripheral vision. Side effects of Dex to severe so tapered off, lost vision and now have avascular necrosis in both hips. Over last 2 yrs have had 2 rounds of Avastin treatment for brain swelling and headaches. Last MRI showed 2.5cm x 2.9cm x 3.5 cm.


is there any research that mechanical  pleurodesis is helpful for recurrent pneumothorax? My remaining left lobe after lobectomy was damaged in surgery 2018, for multifocal nsclc,, and I have had 2 pneumothorax this year, same area left lower lobe. These are not cancer related, no progression over a year. 

Thank you Carole 

Father with advanced NSCLC suffering from extreme fatigue following Paracentesis

Dear GRACE Community Members - My father was diagnosed with stage 3 NSCLC in Dec 2012. At the time of diagnosis, he had tumors in both lungs and in the lymph nodes.

He has taken almost 40 rounds of chemotherapy until a lack of response to the drugs and high toxicity occurred.

He started taking Opdivo in July 2015 and stopped it after 3 rounds due to Pneumonia in August 2015. He was hospitalized for 8 days but was able to overcome it and was discharged home. He has not taken any cancer drugs since (including opdivo).