Colon Cancer With Possible Metastasis

I am inquiring on behalf of my sister-in-law who was diagnosed with stage three colon and rectal cancer in July 2020. She is 53 years old and a former smoker. She underwent chemotherapy for six months, followed by six weeks of radiation, and in April 2020 she had surgery to remove the tumor in her sigmoid. At that time, 17 od her lymph nodes were removed and all were clear, so she was restaged to stage two. 

Squamous cell carcinoma at the base of the tongue

Hello, I'm writing on behalf of my 56-year-old uncle, who suffers from recurrent head and neck cancer.  His cancer started at the base of the tongue but has now spread to his lungs.  He has six small tumors on a recent PET scan. He's currently living in Mexico but plans to come to the States soon once he's issued a visa.

ASCO/ESMO 2020 - KEYNOTE 048 Study Update, What Have We Learned?

Here's a new head and neck cancer video.  Not only can't I say enough about how much I appreciate learning about new findings but they speak about the fact that they have different approaches to the same case description.  Just knowing that lets me know I need to discuss my goals and options for treatment when there isn't a clear direction. 

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Here we hope to provide a place for our community members that go beyond lung cancer.  Our amazing faculty is building and we would like to share their knowledge with others, to provide a place for those dealing with other types of cancers. 

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