0.5 cm ground glass nodule - 1290914

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0.5 cm ground glass nodule - 1290914

Just had a CAT scan done concerned with new finding for right 0.5 cm ground glass nodule posteriorly in the upper lobe and a 0.3 cm groundglass nodule laterally in the left upper lobe. I also had a CAT scan in 2011 which showed a 0.4 cm groundglass nodule meet early in the left upper lobe that's states no change. I had an ammonia December 2016 I was following up because I'm still coughing. I am a smoker of 25 years plus the recommendation from a radiologist states to follow up in 3 to 6 months. My concern is that in December 2016 I had an ammonia I went to the hospital and they did a CT angiogram the results on the CT angiogram just stated patchy and confluent airspace opacities in the right middle lobe and lingula and mild emphysema. I'm nervous because it wasn't stated in a previous 2016 CAT scan of these nodules . What are the possibilities of it being long cancer and what steps do you think would be appropriate to wait for 3 to 6 months ? What if they are growing more and more between 3 to 6 months and it's a lung cancer.

Hi and welcome to Grace. I'm

Hi and welcome to Grace. I'm sorry you're having these problems. What you've described could be from the pneumonia. Follow up CT scans are appropriate at 3 to 6 months even for people on cancer treatment. Scanning more often hasn't proven to be helpful for spotting new growth (kind of like a watched pot never boils, even if the nodule is growing it would be difficult to see changes before 3 months).

I hope this is pneumonia and it heals soon.
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