6 mm Ground Glass Nodule

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I have a 6 mm ground glass nodule.  It was discovered incidentally.  I had a 3 month follow up recently and my CT report says that it is likely a adenocarcinoma lesion spectrum.  Iwas told to have another CT scan in 6 months.  My Dr  also said it should be followed indefinitely to make sure it stays stable.  My question is shouldn't it be removed if it is being considered an adenocarcimona lesion?  Thanks so much for any feedback. 

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Hi Mariaps,


Welcome to Grace.  I'm sorry you've gotten worrisome feedback from the CT report.  It's probably most immediately important to know that the only way to make a certain diagnosis of cancer is to study it under a microscope.  There are attributes of cancer seen on a CT scan can suggest cancer but there are always exceptions to even the most suspect findings.  Another thought to consider is the CT report is written by the radiologist who has no more information than just the one scan, again much too little info to diagnose.  The last initial thing to consider before seeking someone who will be more aggressive (because you can always find a doctor who will be as aggressive as you want even if it's not appropriate) if a ggo is cancer it's suggestive of adenocarcinoma in situ otherwise known as BAC.  BAC that is pure ggo is slow growing, very different than what we typically think of when we think of cancer.  


These are possibly the reasons your doctor wants to see if there's any change before considering an invasive procedure such as a lung biopsy or surgery.  This is just a guess and you should talk to your doctor about her reasons for the plan.  


Below are a couple of posts from Dr. West who is one of the foremost specialists of BAC. 


I hope you do well moving forward,



Basics of BAC

imaging features

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Thanks so much for your immediate response.  The GGN was accidentally found during a ct scan for gallbladder surgery.  It was discovered in February and followed up in June.  The Dr is repeating the CT scan in 6 months.  Do you think 6 months is normal time frame or should I do the CT scan sooner.


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You would need to ask your doctor about their thought process but if the ggo didn't change in the 3 month follow up scan it stands to reason to wait 6 months and is a normal plan.  6mm is very small and a biopsy wouldn't be indicated because the sample would be unlikely to catch anything that could point to its origins.  1 cm is normally the smallest a biopsy would be tried.  Anything else would be more dangerous than helpful (the risks outweighs the benefits). 


Keep us posted and best of luck,