The 6.5 year road

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 19:49

I just wanted to let you all know that my wife has just gone into in-hoime hospice.

After 6.5 years and 12 different lines of treatment, it is beginning to look like the journey is near the end.

A big, huge, humongous thanks to everyone on this site for everything they have meant to me, and all the information and support you provided during this journey.

Thank you, Thank you.

I will keep you all updated.

JanineT Forum …


My first inclination is to ask how you are doing and how your wife is doing but I don't know that's appropriate or even remotely qualitative. 

May the rest of your journey together be peaceful and full of love.  I am so sorry it's coming to the end. 

Your updates I know will provide our community with at least as much value as all your past updates.


Amy B

You've been part of the GRACE family for many years, and will always remain so. Thank you for sharing this news with us; we are definitely saddened by this update, but as Janine said, we hope that the rest of your journey with your wife is full of peace and love. It has absolutely been our pleasure to provide you with as much education as possible along the way, and we are so grateful for your kind words of thanks to us. We're still here for you, in whatever way you need us. 



Hi everyone.

I am so sorry to report that Sara passed away on Oct 2.  Things have been so busy this past month that I hadn't realized that I didn't update on her passing.  It went so very fast at the end.

If anyone is interested in seeing her service or funeral, it can be found here:

My deep thanks to everyone at CancerGrace who have given me such support over the years.  CancerGrace will always be in my heart.

JanineT Forum …

I'm so sorry Sara is gone.  I'm glad you've been busy and surrounded by loved ones.  You will remain in my heart as well as the great milestones y'all were able to experience in the last 6 years.  Stan, take care.