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Wed, 04/30/2014 - 11:55

Hi. This may sound kinda dumb, but I have to ask.

I had a chest CT that showed a small nodule near the edge of my "right middle lobe" Axial image.

When I look at images of CT scans on Google images, the bottom of the scan is marked "spine" and the top is marked "sternum". Then, the right lung is marked on the left side of the page.

If the spine is in the back of our body and the sternum at the front, wouldn't the lung in the image that's on the left side of my screen be the "left lung." In other words, the image that is on the left side of my screen should be my left-handed lung, yet they tag it in online photos as the right lung.

I saw a film of my CT scan. The doctor pointed out to me where my nodule was and--looking at the scan---it was on the left side of the film I was holding.

I guess the best way to ask is this: when looking at the CT scan image, is a man's "front" on the top or the bottom of the axial scan?

I know. Who's on first? What's on second?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks very much.


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Hi Johnny,

There are no stupid questions. Well, actually I can think of some, but you've not even come close. Each CT scan image is made up of a number of images taken from different point around the body. When the images on the scans you're talking about were put together electronically, they were shown from the bottom (closer to the feet) rather than from the top (closer to the head). From that perspective, the right lung is on the left side of the image, with the spine at the bottom of the image.

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