Abraxane Away!

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Abraxane Away!

My wife just started her first treatment with abraxane.  Her oncologist said he would be starting with abraxane alone (not the ramucirumab as well) as the trials showing effectiveness of the ramucirumab were with the docetaxel and not the abraxame, and it's not clear yet whether the ramu helps with the abraxane where there is a very different dosing schedule and no heavy steroids as there is with the regular taxols.  Initial schedule is 3 weeks on, 1 week off.

I'll keep everyone updated on how the abraxane treatment goes!

Thanks again!  

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Hey Scohn,  Good to hear she

Hey Scohn, 


Good to hear she's getting started.  I'm going to assume she will fair very well and I hope she gets a respit from toxicity.  


Best of luck!


Two Treatments Down

Things going pretty well with abraxane so far.  No steroids needed at all with the treatment so digestive issues (so far) are good - diarrhea and heartburn have been pretty minimal as long as my wife avoids very spicy food and too many raw vegetables.  The main side effect of this has been the return of the muscle pain/cramping, and so she is slowly upping her concentration of gabapentin again.  On the blood level - things are good but some of the liver enzymes have been going up - we hope this is mainly due to the abraxane.  RBC slightly low and WBCs and platelets have remained great so far.  And, as always, my wife seems to luckily be resistant to any nausea.  So, this treatment has been very manageable for my wife - now we just have to wait a number of weeks and see if it works at all!

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Abraxane Away!

That's great to hear that the side effects have been minimal, and I hope that continues. I wish more patients had access to Abraxane instead of Taxol, since it provides similar benefit with much less toxicity.

Looking forward to getting your update on good results from the new therapy. 

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