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Accessing clinical trials - 1267186

How much does type of insurance impact getting in to a clinical trial?
Does the patient's condition prevail or is insurance a major consideration?
Is there a preferred plan?

Dr West
No preferred plan. Current

No preferred plan. Current health care policy mandates coverage of standard interventions on a clinical trial, and the study should cover other costs. There may be some questions about who covers what if there's an unforeseen complication that requires additional interventions. You'd need to discuss details with the people who would be enrolling you on the trial in question.

In the future, if you have a follow-up question on the same topic, please add it to the same thread you started, rather than starting a new discussion thread on essentially the same topic.

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Having issues with UCLA

Having issues with UCLA insurance processing , of all things. The doctor and insurance have provided authorizations and UCLA billing says they work with all insurances as long as there is an authorization.
Office staff is saying they don't work with primary/secondary insurance or uncontracted payers...All untrue as I checked with my insurance and UCLA main billing. Wrote a letter to the administration.
Am I missing something? Can office staff say a patient can't be seen?

Doesn't seem to make sense.

Doesn't seem to make sense. As with most medical centers, UCLA has staff dedicated to resolving such conflicts. At UCLA it's the "Office of the Patient Experience". You can find contact information here:

Good luck resolving the problem.

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