Adenocarcinoma Stage 2 B - 1272738

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Adenocarcinoma Stage 2 B - 1272738

November 2014 - ULL adenocarcinoma Stage 2B...2 tumors - 3.6 and 2 cm - no node involvement, not positive for mutations, BAC characteristics moderately differentiated.

Jan-June 2015 - Cisplatin/Vinorelbine

November 2015 CT scan - stable subcentimeter pulmonary nodules and stable left adrenal nodule likely adenoma. No convincing evidence of developing metastatic disease.

I have a bean size lump in clavicle area. Never entered my mind to mention it. It has just been a normal part of my anatomy for about 5 years. Now I have 2 pea size lump in right inguinal lymph nodes. Pending appointment with oncologist in about 10 days.

I realize it is rare for cancer to spread to this distant area, but am wondering if these could be signs of metastasis and would like to be armed with knowledge of questions to ask.

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Definitely a good idea to

Definitely a good idea to have your oncologist feel them. More likely than not, mildly enlarged lymph nodes are usually benign. There are many reasons that lymph nodes can be enlarged. For example, people who chew their fingernails often have enlarged lymph nodes under their armpit.

Questions to ask:
1. Was the clavicle lymph node mentioned on the November CT scan?

Thanks......didn't know that

Thanks......didn't know that about chewing nails and lymph nodes.