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Advice please! - 1250310

In the summer of 2010 my 15 year old was hospitalized for a week with pnemonia (sp). The following Nov he had bronchitiis- he has continued to be sick on and off with this - found out he has hyperthrodism and Hashimoto's disease ( autoimmune) and low testerone. He generally has no energy- looks bad some days, etc. - his Endo tells me this is not due to thryoid or Hasi's. He became ill two weeks ago- so x-ray showed abnormalities and we had a CT scan done - findings are There are two noncalcified nodules adjacent one another, in the left lower
lobe, measuring 7 and 8.5 mm respectively. No definitive calcification
within these nodules. There is a partially calcified nodal mass in the left
hilum measuring 2.9 x 4.0 x 2.6 cm (AP, trans, CC). Small mediastinal nodes
are present. There is a noncalcified nodule in the right pulmonary apex,
measuring 5 mm. No pleural effusion.

Limited imaging of the upper abdomen demonstrates no focal abnormalities.

No acute osseous abnormalities.

Three noncalcified nodules, two in the left lower lobe and one in the
right upper lobe. Additional large partially calcified nodal mass in the
left hilum. These changes may reflect granulomatous disease or

After reading the x rays results from 2010 - I find this There is a suspected subcarinal calcified
lymph node probably from previous granulomatous involvement.

So infectous disease doctor states that she is going with histoplasmosis- stated she does not know for sure -but due to his symptons she is going with this.

My question is - do I keep digging further for answers on why the nodules are non calcified and should I be worried about the mass?

As a lost - thought maybe someone might read this and have some advice!
Thank you all so much!

Dr West
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It's not possible for us to make a medical recommendation like that. I can say that these is nothing about what you're relaying that would make me suspect he has cancer, short of seeing a biopsy result that shows that. This site is really about cancer treatment, so we really can't comment about a work up for a situation that is quite unlikely to represent cancer.

Good luck.

-Dr. West

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Dr. West - First let me say this website is an amazing site for info and support on cancer! Just for you taking the time to read my post states alot about this site and your character!!! Thanks again for the info and keep up the good work- God puts special talents in all of us - and what an awesome talent he gave you!