Another Good CT Scan!

Wed, 03/20/2019 - 09:58

Hurray!  We just got the latest CT scan back.  Since my wife was feeling well her oncologist had said to go ahead and wait an additional month before the scan, so this one has been almost 3 months after the last one.

And....the tumor has decreased evenmore!  Yeah Abraxane!

The lung tumor (already much smaller) reduced by about 10%, and the main liver tumor went down by about 20-30%.  The main liver lesion is the smallest it has been in a year.

What a wonderful news for the first day of spring!

Jim C Forum Mo…



That's just terrific news! We're so happy for both of you. And for those reading this who may be concerned about starting with or switching to conventional chemotherapy rather than a well-hyped targeted therapy or immunotherapy, this is a great example of how effective chemo can be.


We look forward to the next good scan results. Thanks so much for sharing!


Jim C Forum Moderator

JanineT Forum …

Hurray!  That's such great news!  I'm going to assume y'all are planning a celebration.  Perhaps involving one of your fabulous cheesecakes?  

I want to echo what Jim said about the good results that chemo gives in this day of targeted therapies and immunotherapy hype.   

Hugs all around!