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AP26113 for brain mets - 1260420

Stage IV NSCLC adenocarcinoma ALK+ with multiple brain mets, Considering AP26113 trial instead of WBRT.

From the ESMO 2013 released data, AP26113 is promising for brain mets. 8 of 10 patients with active brain mets got regression. The published data says most patients are on 180mg per day, but the trial is still a dose-finding study. As I don't tolerate well with targeted drug I have tried (Tarceva, Xalkori), just want to know if a lower dose AP26113 can get good response rate on brain mets, at least for maintenance.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Welcome halfdome,

I'd guess you've seen this but want to post for others who might need context. http://www.onclive.com/onclive-tv/dr-camidge-on-ap26113-in-patients-with...
If I understood him correctly Dr. Camidge suggested some people have shown better tolerability to this new drug than the same people who had difficulty on other EGFR and ALK inhibitors.

It sounds very promising but it's impossible to say anything more than Dr. Camidge did on the video. There's just no more data yet to give stats or even make an informed opinion. When a trial is in the early stages of dose finding the numbers are too small to say for sure it's more than a coincidence. Later studies with larger numbers will do that. The info on the study can be found here, http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01449461?term=AP26113&rank=1 and is being done in 8 places listed below; however that can change.
The site includes criteria for entering.

San Diego, California
Aurora, Colorado
New Haven, Connecticut
Chicago, Illinois
Boston, Massachusetts
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Houston, Texas
Barcelona Spain

Please keep us posted,