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Wed, 07/13/2016 - 19:08

Ive already had upper right lobe removed....Met with surgeon today, good news is he can do VATS & a wedge resection on upper left lung, unless when he gets in there possible he might need to take the whole lobe and (possibility of having trouble finding it because it is only 0.9 cm).
Then he says well were not even sure if it is cancer & he thinks its a BAC tumor?! Pet Scan wasnt positive, but I guess these BAC tumors dont always show positive, But Tumor has grown in size and density over the last 3 years......And I could just watch it and get another CT Scan in 3 to 6 mons. Or I could opt to do nothing at all. He wouldn't give me any indication of what I should do or what he would do. He is sending it before a second tumor board for more opinions. I have asked for referral to Oncologist now. And have asked for copies of CT Scans to get second opinion at a non Kaiser hospital. Have any of you heard of this BAC Lung Tumors... What can you tell me, Looking forward to your comments and opinions...
thanks Sandi
I'm kinda thinking of having the surgery and be done with it, so I wouldn't be worried & wondering all the time...

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Hi Sandi,

Welcome to GRACE. BAC can be very slow-growing, and because of that indolent pace, may not light up on a PET scan very well. Dr. West, one of the leading experts on BAC, has often stressed the importance of not over-treating it. He has devised an algorithm to guide treatment decisions, which you can find here:

If the growth in your tumor has been relatively slow, surgery may not be the best option, especially since you've already lost some lung function from the previous surgery.

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