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Fri, 08/31/2012 - 12:37

Dear Dr. Weiss,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding day!

We love your good and gracious heart,

Your Grace Family

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Hear hear! I second the motion! May the day be most memorable and joyful, your love passionate and eternal!

dr. weiss

Thank you Janine, and thank you to my GRACE family. I can't wait to marry Sara--she's one of the kindest, most interesting, and fun people that I've ever met. And, when I get back, I can't wait to reconnect with GRACE.

double trouble

Oh yeah! Do the

:-D :-D :-D HAPPY DANCE!!! :-D :-D :-D

Sara and Jared Weiss!

Dr West

I just wanted to add my own heartfelt congratulations to both of you. We all know you deserve great happiness...you're a generous soul.

-Dr. West


CONGRATULATIONS Dr Weiss!!!! I wish you and Sara a long, happy life together filled with lots of love:) Enjoy your wedding(can't wait to hear about it)and all of the wonderful years to come:)

Love and best wishes,

blue skies

Don't let Sara talk to Dr. West's wife!

Promise her that that we all love you as much as she does and for many of the same reasons.

Think of the many, many souls who will be joining your "village" of supporters on that big day. And yes, though I already had taken out my happy dance shoes for Debra's (Double Trouble's) most recent post, I am performing extra twirls and leaps for your happy occasion!

In fact, I was returning from a family visit on the Canadian border today and thinking of the year ahead. I told my Kaiser and MSKCC oncology teams in January that I had purchased a 24 month calendar and that I planned to fill in every page!

I have decided that I am going to throw a big party to celebrate the beginning of my 25th wedding anniversary year during the inaugural weekend (believe me, there are plenty of people looking for a free party to attend). Think of it as the quiet "bell curve" tail of the royal wedding, Queen's Jubilee, Olympics, and Weiss wedding extravaganza.

Almost no one knows about my diagnosis so it will be fun and I will spend time with people I adore and I will celebrate an anniversary that seemed impossible 30 months ago. Our photographer took AWFUL pictures of the wedding party but GREAT pictures of the guests, so I will send photos to each invitee with a 25 year old photo of them at out wedding! What could be more flattering than a photo from 25 years ago? Ha ha!

Dr. Weiss, you know as well as anyone that you cannot anticipate the course that your p life story will take, but know that your wedding day is the very first day of a series of thousands of days that will each be special (even the most mundane ones) and that will magnify the best aspects of your love and support for one another (I know you will work through the "less best" challenges that confront any marriage).

I have been very blessed and, knowing your generosity of spirit, I can only think that you and your bride will be jas blessed -- or more!


Congratulations, Dr. Weiss! Wishing you an eternity of happiness and togetherness with your lovely wife to be!


Many happy wishes to Dr. Weiss and Sara! Here's to one of the happiest days and many more to come!