Biologics OK with Alectinib

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 18:49

I have psoriasis (along with my stage IV NSCLC ALK Positive) I am taking Alectinib for the NSCLC. Is it OK to take a biologic like Cosentyx, Stelara, or Humira for my psoriasis while on the TKI Alectinib?

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The prescribing information (FDA label) for Alecensa (alectinib) does not list any drug interactions with the psoriasis treatments you've listed. That information can be found at


It should be noted, though, that not every drug combination is fully tested, so you should discuss this issue with both your oncologist and the doctor treating your psoriasis. I have also contacted Dr. Walko, GRACE's resident oncology pharmacist, to see if she has any further information.


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dr walko

Hi DHJ, I agree with Jim above.  Small molecule inhibitors like alectinib work differently than tradiational cytotoxic chemotherapy so there is less concern of an interaction with the medications that you mentioned.  I would still make sure that your oncologist is aware of all the medications you are currently or have recently taken since everyone's situation may be unique. 

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Dr. Walko