cT4N2M1a (IVA) Adenocarcenoma

4/4/22 ER found large mediastinal mass via CT with contrast “A massive area of adenopathy in the subcaranial region that means urges 11.3x6.1x7.7cm with lung consolidation” and pleural effusion - right lobe

Mom was in decent health prior with no oxygen requirement and some health issues related to emphysema/COPD, as well as hemochromatosis. 50 year history of smoking ciggarettes and stopped 3/4/2022. Social drinking only.

Transferred to Shands UF Gainesville same date and has been inpatient to date.

Malignant Pleural Effusion

Hi all, I’m hoping someone can help here

I was diagnosed with stage 4 in 2018 due to a malignant pleural effusion and have been on Tagrisso ever since due to EGFR mutation. I am still on that but am trying to think ahead for when I do progress..hopefully not for a long while though.

From pretty much day 1 my consultant has warned that it is very unlikely that I will be eligible for any clinical trials due to not having a measurable tumour as the MPE is (all!) I have, no solid tumour has been seen.

Now does that mean;

Covid vaccine efficacy

Hi.  I have stage 4 NSCLC, been on Tagrisso for over a year.  I’m 72 and very healthy otherwise.  I’m fully vaccinated, but nobody - including my doctor - can tell me how well the Covid vaccine is likely to work for someone in my situation.  Where I live,  there is talk of booster shots for people on chemo, but not TKIs.  The antibody tests available are only to see if you have had Covid, not how well  the vaccine is working.  Any thoughts?  Thank you!

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How long can a Pleurx chest catheter stay in place?


Can anyone share their experiences with an indwelling Pleurx catheter? Dear Husband had one placed rather urgently 6 weeks ago after two prior thoracentesis procedures about 3 weeks apart. The amount being drained 3x a week was going down for a while and is now trending upwards. Oncologist says that even when systemic treatment is working, the body can continue to create the effusions, requiring the drain to stay in long term.  I'm a bit overwhelmed by that thought and would like to hear from others who have walked this walk.

Thank you,

Mother diagnosed with adenocarcinoma - treatment options

Dear Cancer Grace Team,

Thank you for the amazing work you do to support families like us.

My mom (76 year old) was recently admitted to hospital with massive pleural efussion in her right lung.
They performed Thoracoscopy + Talc Pleurodesis and upon performing pleural biopsy they confirmed today it as Adenocarcinoma (IHC markers - TTF1 - nuclear positive and P40 - negative). 

Immediately after biopsy (before report came out), Doctors recommended to start Gefitinib or Osimertinib depending  on our finances.

PostNasal Drip

My husband has been having severe post nasal drip leading to violent coughing and occasional vomiting for one month now.  He is on carboplatin and alipmta.   His team seems baffled by it.  He will have gurgling, coughing, runny nose and then it will stop and he feels dry and no symptoms but then it happens again about every four hours.  CT has ruled out sinus problem and pneumonia.   Looking for help to diagnose and treat.  Looking for answers if this is chemo and/or caused.  Thank you.