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Can I rule out Lung Cancer? - 1289884

I am male 43 yrs old. Do smoke approximately 4 cigarettes per day. Recently done Chest X-Ray and normal blood tests. All came normal.
Left side chest discomfort is there. ECG was normal. The GP put a stethoscope and said that nothing to worry my chest is clear. According to him its because of anxiety.
Yes, I am anxious about lung cancer. So how
can I rule out Lung Cancer?

What is making you think lung

What is making you think lung cancer? Chest discomfort can come from muscles as well as lung and heart.
Take care, Judy

Judy is right, chest

Judy is right, chest discomfort is usually something else besides lung cancer. There are many things it could be. A chest x ray isn't the most precise mood of investigation into the lungs. A CT scan is considered the gold standard when investigating worrisome symptoms. A possible reason for x ray and not CT is there isn't enough of a reason to be concerned about lung cancer. If there were a tumor causing chest pain an x ray may very well pick it up.

I'm sorry but we aren't equipped to help navigate diagnosing chest pain. Our purpose is to help navigate some types of cancer care. Work with your physicians staying on course to diagnose you problems.

I hope you do well.