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The lymphocyte
gate consists of small, hypogranular, CD45 positive cells,
which comprise 4% of the total events. The majority are
T-lymphocytes (CD3,CD5,CD7) with a normal CD4:CD8 ratio of
2.1. B-lymphocytes (CD19) with a normal kappa:lambda ratio
of 1.2 are 4% of the gated population (0.2% of the total
cells). No increase in B-cells co-expressing CD5 or CD10 is
The blast gate consists of intermediate to large, CD45 dim
hypogranular cells. Of these, 0.3% of the total cells are
myeloid blasts positive for CD117, myeloid antigen CD33, and
hematopoietic progenitor cell antigen (CD34). They are
negative for T-lymphocyte markers (CD3,CD5,CD7),
B-lymphocyte markers (CD19, kappa, lambda), and CD10.
Additionally, a small population of CD10/CD19 positive cells
(0.5% of the total events) is seen, in keeping with
These findings show a mixed population of T- and polyclonal
B-lymphocytes with no monoclonal B-lymphoid population
identified. There is no increase in blasts and no atypical
antigen expression is noted on the myeloid cells.

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Hi brendacarda,

Welcome to GRACE. I am sorry, but the detailed interpretation of a test report is beyond the scope of what we can address here, as stated in paragraph 5 of our Forum Guidelines, Aside from the issues stated in that paragraph, trying to interpret a test report without the context (other lab reports, scans and physical examinations) would likely lead to our providing inaccurate information in many cases.

As the guidelines suggest, your own medical team should be able to interpret these results for you. If you are not satisfied with the information they provide, you may wish to consider a second opinion.

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