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February 4, 2013, 08:01 AM

My name is Alex Reitemeier,
I’m a psychology student at Nottingham Trent University doing some research into cancer. I want to find out if other people’s reactions to a person’s cancer shapes and changes their self-perception. I have emailed and gotten permission from Dr. West from this websight to create this forum.
My topic is ‘Cancer patients and the feeling of ‘otherness’.
My theory is that other people’s perceptions of cancer can influence the patient. I believe that there is an overlap between self-perception and other’s perception. My research aim is to explore this overlap and look into the effects of other people’s attitudes an beliefs can have on a patient with cancer.
I am asking for volunteers to answer three questions related to my hypothesis: “cancer patients experience something known as otherness once they have been diagnosed with cancer, this feeling is influenced by the attitudes of people around them”
If you choose to participate then I will send you the three questions to answer, the first is about your own cancer, the second is other’s reactions to your cancer and the third is how that affects you.
All information collected will remain confidential and will be seen only by myself and the exam board when my coursework is handed in. If you wish to remove your information you may contact me on the email below at any time and I will of course remove it straight away.
If you are interested in taking part in my research please let me know on this forum.
and email me on I will send the brief and questions by return email. If you wish to participate but want to remain anonymous then create a new email account (e.g. to contact me on.
I very much appreciate your efforts if you do decide to participate,
Thank you
Alex Reitemeier

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