Cervical cancer spread to lung

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Cervical cancer spread to lung

Dr says looks like cancer is coming back in lung very small would you suggest chemo or watch to see if they grow. 3c cervical cancer 35 rads / spread aortic lymph node 35 rads/ some lung spots 6 cycles chemo ended in February.

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Hi catcon49,  Welcome to

Hi catcon49, 


Welcome to Grace.  I'm so sorry you're going through this.  And I'm sorry it took so long to respond.  This is my 3rd writing of this and I think I may not have sent either of the other 2.  


At the moment we don't have expert material on cervical cancer.  If I understand correctly you have metastases to the lung from cervical cancer which would be considered stage IVb and not usually treated as curable but can be managed with anti-cancer treatment and certainly comfort care.  Sometimes if treatment is to manage cancer symptoms and not curative treatment it's ok to take a break however, the timing can be tricky if cancer symptoms become too acute treatment cannot be given so close observation is crucial.  This is something your oncologist needs to help determine.  


A second opinion from a teaching/research cancer center such as a university can put more eyes on your individual situation and help determine if other treatments such as avastin added to single agent chemo, immunotherapy, or clinical trials may be options.  


All the best of hopes,