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Choice of Hospital: Sloan Kettering or MD Anderson for lung cancer? - 1270262

Dear Members:

Thank you so much for always being there and answering/helping with issues.
I need some suggestion based on your personal experiences or knowledge. I am suspected of BAC and I am lucky to be able to either go to Memorial Sloan Kettering (NYC) or MD Anderson (Houston) for treatment.
I live in San Francisco, so Houston might be logistically easier, though not much different than NYC.
In terms of care and expertise in treating lung cancer (and I am also a survivor of thyroid cancer, which might introduce some complications), would you prefer one over the other?
Can you suggest some particular doctors at either these locations that you know or are aware of for their reputation in dealing with lung cancer?

Thank you so very much for always being there to comfort and support.

Hi sc01,

Hi sc01,

Both of the cancer centers you mention have excellent lung cancer programs, so I don't think you could go wrong at either of them.

Perhaps more important if you actually have BAC is that you meet with an oncologist who has a great deal of experience and expertise treating BAC. For example, in Dr. West's post on the Basics of BAC, he describes research work done at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Mass General, and I'm sure such research has been done at MD Anderson as well.

Of course, even doctors not located at such cancer centers can be experts in BAC, such as GRACE's own Dr. West, one of the leading experts on the subject.

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