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Cisplatin - 1265005

I'm trying to understand what percentage of patients are given cisplatin (or even one of the other platinum chemos) in lung cancer and in pancreatic cancer in your experience. How big a role will novel "nanocarrier" delivery systems in chemotherapy play in your view, is it something we should get excited about? Many thanks in advance for your help! Emilia

Dr West
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The vast majority of people with a good performance status and have lung cancer get either cisplatin or carboplatin. Treatment options for pancreatic cancer are more variable.

However, I would not presume that the many variants on these agents will provide any significant benefit over the standard drugs, at least not without substantial evidence to back that premise that these newer versions of our cornerstone drugs provide a significant incremental advantage over the tried and true standards. I'm pretty skeptical, frankly.

-Dr. West

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