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concurent chemo-RT - 1273189

if a patient gets concurent chemoradiation, like head and neck cancer patient who gets cisplatin 50 mg/m2 weekly and RT together. what time is needed from chemo to radiation to pass??? our one coleague said it is 2 hours, but anothers say it does not matter. how do you think, is it beter that patient waits two hours after chemotherapy before going into the radiationtherapy treatment room???

It really doesn't matter. It

It really doesn't matter. It most likely will be what fits into the schedule of the cancer center.

I am getting chemo and

I am getting chemo and radiation also ,radiation every day..Chemo once a week.
As the last reply it doesn't matter I don't think so. Dr s.would wouldn't schedule that way if it would cause problems..good luck. Stay Strong. M M