CT scan and bronchoscopy? Can tumour remain occult after those?

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CT scan and bronchoscopy? Can tumour remain occult after those?


Following an episode of haemoptysis I had a CT with contrast that showed no significant abnormalities ( 2 lower lobe lymph nodes there since 2013 on previous scan)

I met with the consultant this week for the first time and persuaded them to follow up with a bronchoscopy as I believe this is protocol but they did not offer it initially.

Firstly, can anyone offer insight into how often a lung tumour may be missed on a CT and also, if bronchoscopy is clear, is there anything else that can be done or should those 2 be enough to rule out a lung cancer?

As mentioned in a post relating to a Pancoast tumour , I have severe pain in the back of my shoulder which hurts at night especially. I have not had a bone scan or CTPET because I have no diagnosis.

I am unsure what I should push for to be sure the pain is not metastases from a tumour they can't find

I've had bloods and a spine x-ray which I am waiting for result from

Many thanks

Many thanks

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Hi Andrea, I'm really sorry

Hi Andrea,


I'm really sorry you're still having pain in your back and don't know why.  Lung cancer that causes pain and hemoptysis would be large enough not to be missed on a CT.   A pancoast tumor that causes pain in the shoulder and arm is located on the periphery of the lung so a bronchoscopy wouldn't be expected to pick up cells from a pancoast tumor because a bronchoscopy examines the tracheal and bronchial inside the lungs.  The CT scan is the gold standard for detecting nodules that might be lung cancer.  I wish we could be of more help.


I hope you and your care team can figure this out.


Thank you JanineI very much

Thank you Janine

My concern is just general now rather than specifically a Pancoast tumou as I know the apices were rechecked on scan

I very much appreciate your reply

Andrea Jones