Pancoast Tumor symptoms ?

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Pancoast Tumor symptoms ?

Hello everyone,

I'm a 21 yo nonsmoker and since january I've been experiencing pain on the upper right side of my body. It all started with chest pain that would get worse while breathing deeply, stopped suddenly for a couple weeks and then came back, except it was now affecting my shoulder aswell. I am now experiencing upper right chest pain, cervical stiffness and shoulder pain that shoots all the way down to my fingers - the shoulder pain is dull, numbing and not made worse by any movement,  in fact lifting my arm shakes the pain away for a few seconds. Additionally, I've recently notice the presence of a small and very hard bony lump at the joint between my right palm and middle finger, slightly sore to touch. All pains usually gets better at rest.

I went to my GP a few weeks ago who told me it was nothing serious, but since I started experiencing finger and hand pain (as well as that lump) it got me excessively worried again. As many people do I went on to check my symptoms on google, and the only thing that somewhat matches is pancoast tumor (typically shoulder pain shooting to fingers). I know very well that lung cancers in the early 20s are extremely rare, but still it makes me nervous and interfers with my daily life. Additionally, given the current medical situation in my region (Western Europe) I am unsure if I will be able to get further examinated by a specialist and get a chest xray anytime soon. What do you think ? I imagine that actual pain related to pancoast tumor would be unrelenting even at night and I guess i wouldn't be so anxious if i didn't have this shooting pain in hand. Also I have no idea where that lump could come from.


Thanks for taking the time to read me.

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Hi,I'm very sorry you're


I'm very sorry you're going through this.  It doesn't particularly sound like typical pancoast tumor pain.  That pain is normally in the back around the scapula not in the chest.  It causes arm pain to an extent where you have to hold your elbow and is unrelenting. 


It's not unusual for orthopedic problems in the area to cause pain to run down the arm to the hand.  There's a bundle of nerves that can cause lots of problems for lots of people.  As I write this my hands are becoming numb that come from around the scapula and down the arm.  It comes from a disc issue.  This type of pain is wildly more likely not cancer related even if you were a 60 year old long time smoker.  The finger thing doesn't sound like a symptom of pancoast either. 


With that said we can't tell you what's bothering you or if it's cancer or not.  You're right a doctor is likely to tell you you'd be better off staying at home because of the virus.  I know in the U.S. I could get an online appointment with my primary doc.  If the pain continues to worsen make sure you keep your doc updated. 


I wish I could be of more help and I hope you feel better.