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Donation - 1261022

Just saw the banner that invite donations to enable continual operations of GRACE. We benefited greatly from the site and just made a donation. I know that our donation will not make a difference but many participants will! I invite you to donate anything if you have benefited from GRACE. A bunch of $5 donations makes Big!

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Thanks wadvocator!

Donations of any amount indeed DO make a difference. Every penny helps make GRACE possible. :)

Cheers and thanks again (to all),

-Webmaster Mark (and I'm sure I speak for all of GRACE in this case) :)

Dr West
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I'd just say that even though I don't take any money from GRACE, donations from our community are extremely gratifying for me personally, just knowing that we're helping people enough to have them contribute to help keep providing these services.

This year is a big turning point for us. We are thrilled to have Carlea Bauman as our new, well trained and highly motivated Executive Director, who we want to lead us past the impasses of what I and the few others running GRACE have been able to do with limited time and expertise in leading a successful nonprofit. She's helping us develop new ways to fund our growth, but we also need to support her role, and that means stepping up fundraising. While we hope people will be inclined to provide as generously as they can, just donating and participating at all means more than the monetary amount.

Thank you all.

-Dr. West

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