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certain spring
"Error - Forum ID is missing" - 1243884

Hi Mark - I am trying to reply to this post:
and my answer won't go through. I get a message saying "Error - Forum ID is missing". The member's profile seems fine and I've added tags. Below is the answer I tried to post:

Dear Johneen, it may be some comfort to know that this is a common question! I have not had Alimta but we've had a number of threads recently in which people comment on how tiring it can be. We've also had threads in which people whose cancer is otherwise stable inquire about taking a break.
See for example this discussion, in the course of which Dr West comments:
"Just about every expert I know feels that breaks from treatment are very appropriate and reasonable for plenty of their patients."
- and another, in which Dr Pennell describes the experience of a patient who took a cruise and an Alimta break simultaneously:
I am militantly pro-holiday and believe that all cancer patients should have as many as possible. I trust this will not be your last summer, and hope you live to see many more. Very best.

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Hi CS,

Sorry about that - Every once in a while, a topic goes through that isn't attached to a parent forum or category. bbPress still shows it at the top level of the forums, but it can't attach a reply to it, because it doesn't officially have a parent. I'm not sure why it does this, but this is the first one I've noticed in several weeks, so I guess that's good. :)

I've fixed this one, so the original link should work, and you should be able to copy/paste in your reply. Certainly let me know if not.

Thanks and cheers,


certain spring
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Thank you Mark. And thanks Janine for posting my reply!