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Fever after 1st Chemotherapy - 1259629

Dear Doctor,

I am from India. My mother had found a cyst in her right breast on 15th Aug'13. Straightaway we took her to a best hospital. They have done monogram and biopsy and diagnosed a 3rd stage of breast cancer. They have removed it immediately with a surgery on 30th Aug'13. Then they have sent that sample for further tests. On 19th Sep, the results were in and the Doctor had suggested 8 Chemo sessions for her and 25 days Radiation therapy then after. Her 1st Chemo was done on 21st Sep'13. She was fine for first couple of days. Then the side effects started. She couldn't eat and she throws out as soon as she eat something. on 1st October'13 she had fever and we have admitted her in the hospital. Doctor said, her WBC count was reduced. They are giving antibiotics to remove the infection and giving other medicine to improve WBC count. But still the fever is on and off. Her 2nd Chemo is due on 11th October'13. Is it a normal condition for everyone? or is it just my mother going through this phase of getting fever? Can we take any precautions to avoid this kind of situation and to keep her WBC count normal for her next Chemos? We are really tensed. I read many articles about breast cancer and it didn't give me any clear picture! Your help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

PS: I think our Doctor would suggest on this in future. But i would like to be educated as much as i can on this issue.

Kind regards,

Dr West
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I'm sorry about your mother's diagnosis and complications of treatment. Fevers in the setting of low blood counts from chemotherapy are not uncommon. Here are two links that talk about this issue and how we best manage it:



As you will read, the second of these describes our approaches for prevention and treatment of this complication. I hope that's helpful.

Good luck.
-Dr. West

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Dear Dr. West,

Many thanks for your quickest reply. Very much appreciated. I will definitely go through the links now. I will come back to you with an update and also if i require anymore information on this. I hope you wouldn't mind.

Thank you again for your help.

Kind regards,