Genetic Tarceva

Mon, 10/12/2020 - 11:49

Hi, my spouse has been taking Tarceva for a few years.  To my knowledge, generic Tarceva has been available on market since last year.  I was wondering if any of you know the efficacy of the generic Tarceva.  Those generics include Mylan, Teva and Armas.  Do they have the same efficacy as the branded Tarceva?  Do these generic brands show differences in efficacy from one to another?  Any information is appreiated?  Thank you.



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Hi JT,


Welcome to GRACE. In general, generic forms of brand name drugs are assumed to have the same efficacy as the original versions, since chemically they should be identical. But for that reason they are not subjected to the same rigorous clinical trial testing. I think the main concern would be the manufacturing standards of the generic supplier; if the generic version is coming from a reputable manufacturer with a good track record, then there shouldn't be much concern. Many chemotherapy drugs are give in generic form without issue.


Good to hear that apparently Tarceva has been effective for your spouse for quite a while, and we hope that continues for a long, long time!


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Hi Jim, Thank you for the quick response and greeting.  One more questions.  Where can I find the information of the generic Tarceva manufacturers are rated to be reputable? 

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Hi JT,


I'm sorry drug prices an issue for your person.  It seems there will be no limt to what is charged for new drugs. has a list of FDA approved generic erlotinib. 


I didn't know that FDA had approved specific generic versions of this and I'm not sure that any are availalble in the US.  I would use this as a jumping off spot.  The FDA website also has all the spcifics to use to varify.  And be very careful with online pharmacies.  If you need to use online pharmacy perhaps contact the pharmacutical company who makes the drug to get info on how to purchase. 


I hope erlotinib continues to work well and y'all find an affordable source.