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GGN - 1262963

Thanks as always for your great responses. Can I ask a very simple question? Are ground glass lesions, especially those with a subsolid component ever a "benign " entity? Everything I read indicates they are some form of either hyperplasia or early malignancy.
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I don't know where you've read this about subsolid nodules in the lung but I know you can find anything on the web. I want to quote Dr. West's last comment about subsolid lung nodules. It definitely suggests let it be for as long as it stays stable,
"...the absence of any progression of the small GGNs is quite reassuring. The idea that any ground glass opacity/nodule warrants biopsy is really an extremely conservative recommendation, and I know of no compelling evidence to support that. As my quoted prior comments above illustrate, it is worth noting that any lesion that does not demonstrate progression over a couple of years has a good chance of not posing any meaningful clinical threat, whether a biopsy suggests that it is technically some form of cancer or not. I would submit that many patients who undergo surgery for such nodules are worse off for that intervention, being subjected to all of the risk of lung surgery and the loss of lung tissue for a problem that is only a problem when you go way out of your way to find it. Any lesion that doesn’t grow over 2 years should not be presumed to fall into the same category and need for treatment as the cancers that actually threaten lives of patients."

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