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Sat, 09/02/2017 - 08:43

Hi janine and everyone, just wanted to let you know I have just had my seven year scan
and still NED.
Hope this gives encouragement to others.

NSC Squamius stage 1b open thoracotomy to remove lower right lobe
August 2010 no further treatment

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That's terrific, Carol! Thanks for sharing your good news with the GRACE community, providing a shining example of treatment success.

Wishing you many more NED scans!

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Thanks for sharing the good news we all need to be reminded of the good outcomes. My husband has been NED for 5 years and presumably longer but for radiation and other inflammation shown on CTs. Even without knowing how his progress went down it all comes down to no cancer. We are absolutely the luckiest among us.



Hi Janine,

Delighted to hear your husband is doing so well, I have lost three friends this past year so its nice to hear some good news. Often wonder why some make it and others don't. I was very sad to lose my little Birmen cat, I think I mentioned het to you before but still have the two boys,



The loss of family even of different species is so very difficult.
We are well but I have to say it's not been the picnic I was expecting. It took Don years to come to terms with the idea he wasn't dying soon. He didn't even "hear" it for a year then another couple of years for him to feel comfortable with the idea. I admit I had a bit of transition to make as well. I hadn't realized just how much I had to reorganize my head . I can't even explain but it has brought alligator tears and sniffles. Dang it's hard to be so lucky. (joking)


Yes that must be difficult when you have started to expect the worst and then have to adjust all over again. I always thought the shock of losing my husband so suddenly when he was never ill was the trigger for my cancer as I have seen that happen to several people after a traumatic experience. However I am glad now he never knew what happened and I never had to watch him suffer. I really think it is harder on the carer than the patient now I have known so many. Long may our good luck last! x