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Hi :) - 1257450

Hi again...

I'm here, but this time for myself. Maybe. Yet to be determined and all of that. (Neck/Thyroid) Anyhow I can say now I truly do understand the fear of the unknown and all the other things that you all and our loved ones go and have gone through.

Hoping for positive results.

But mainly I just wanted to say how I admire everyone and their loved ones who faces "this", so many are so courageous and inspiring.

So, thanks :)

Dr West
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I hope it turns out to be nothing. Even if it's thyroid cancer, which is quite common, it's important to know that it's a cancer with a remarkably favorable long-term survival in the vast majority of patients.

-Dr. West

Dr. Howard (Jack) West
Associate Clinical Professor
Medical Oncology
City of Hope Cancer Center
Duarte, CA

Founder & President
Global Resource for Advancing
Cancer Education

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Thank you for your good thoughts and wishes. I join Dr. West in hoping that this is nothing, and look forward to hearing good news from you very soon.

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<p>I began visiting GRACE in July, 2008 when my wife Liz was diagnosed with lung cancer, and became a forum moderator in January, 2010. My beloved wife of 30 years passed away Nov. 4, 2011 after battling stage IV lung cancer for 3 years and 4 months</p>

laya d.
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Hi Louise! I'm so sorry to read of the "scare"...but am sending positive "nothingness" vibes your way. And, thanks so much for checking in!


certain spring
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- what Laya and Dr West said :)

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Good to hear from you but not for the reason you are back! I hope it all turns out to be nothing! Thank you for letting us know so we can all send out "nothingness" vibes like Laya!

Best wishes,

double trouble
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Oh Louise. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I'm sending as much "nothingness" as I can. Please please keep us updated as you learn more about what is going on. Maybe do a signature of your own before or after your partner's?

I remember when I had a funky lesion grow on the back of my hand. I went running to a dermatologist, who said "With your history, you're probably a little gun shy" and he was right. It turned out to be nothing but I got so scared. Try not to stress too much until you have something concrete to stress about, okay?

Easier said than done, I know! We're here for you.