I have all these symptoms of blood cancer and just need advice


Hi, my name is Hannah, I am 25 year old female, who has always been healthy. I am just looking for some help. I am desperate for answers, as I have been dealing with these symptoms for quite some months now.

I've had severe night sweats for the past year, I wake up drenched, and have to shower in the mornings because of it. I have severe fatigue, when I used to be so energetic, severe shortness of breath (I can't even get off of the car without being short of breath). I had a lump pop up on my neck near my clavicle bone over month ago. It's small, wouldn't even have known it was there but I had a sharp pain in my neck in the area and was rubbing and found it. It doesn't hurt when touching, just sometimes get sharp pains around the area. Severe itching skin that comes and goes, mostly on my arms and legs. My abdomen is SEVERELY bloated, and I mean severely, and it hurts often.

I've been to three different doctors and they all tell me it is stress. I did just have a chest X-ray (finally!) and it was normal. No ultrasound on the lump in my neck. I am so sick and tired of doctors not listening to me, as I do not feel like myself and a normal 25 year old. I'm so sick of being exhausted after a walk up the stairs or getting out of my car. I just want to have energy again. It seems symptoms of blood cancer, but I can't get a doctor to help. Also, all blood work has been normal except slightly elevated lymphocytes, monocytes, and liver enzymes.

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Hi hannahm,  Welcome to Grace.  Yeah, I got the out of the car misprint :) I'm bad at that and spend too much time trying to decide if I need to point mine our in another post...and yes, I'll leave that misprint 10 words back just for emphasis.  :)

I'm sorry you're having these issues.  They don't sound normal or healthy for a 20-something.  We aren't able to suggest a diagnosis but I will say if 3 docs haven't helped you get back to your usual place I'm so so sorry and unfortunately, I can believe it.  Don't give up you can find a doc that will be useful.  No matter the reason or reasons, your primary doc should usher you through a process to get you back to normal. 

White blood counts fluctuate easily and could be slightly higher from an infection or inflammation.  BTW, bloating is a type of inflammation.

Stress is something many of us have trouble working through and should never be taken lightly.  You may be surprised at what our bodies will do to express itself. 

There are also many reasons why you may be having these symptoms.  UGH!

I hope you are better soon and your issues are resolved more easily than cancer care. Best of luck,



I joined GRACE as a caregiver for my husband who had a Pancoast tumor, NSCLC stage III in 2009. He had curative chemo/rads then it was believed he had a recurrence in the spine/oligometastasis that was radiated. He's 10 years out from treatment.