Introducing ... (drum roll) .. the NEW GRACE (2012) - 1241445

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Introducing ... (drum roll) .. the NEW GRACE (2012) - 1241445

Hello our very very patient GRACE community!

The GRACE site has been down for longer than expected while we performed our upgrade. We truly apologize, we know how important this is to you, and to us as well. GRACE is such a robust site with so much information that we found that this was no easy task.

As you visit the new GRACE - we ask you be aware of some things: *We are still debugging and encourage you to report broken images, broken links, and other bugs. Please report any of these in the Errors/Bugs/Support Forum found in the right hand sidebar of the forums. *The forums have a new format, and a fresh start. (note that currently we don't have the fun things for text installed - we will get this up and running as soon as we can). We will begin addressing questions as soon as they start pouring in! *The old forums are archived and searchable but note that they are closed for further comments. They can be found through the link in the right sidebar under Discuss & Learn - Archived Forums. *The SEARCH WORKS!! Yay! *We are working on the avatars, and also on a few other new options that aren't launched yet. Keep your eye out for little additions as we go forward - like Easter eggs!

PLEASE NOTE: In this upgrade, we were able to transfer much of the user (that’s you) data to the new site. You should be able to login with your current login information and password. You will notice that we have added some security features, so you will be asked to verify a 'captcha' form when you log in. If there is any problem with your login information, please utilize the ‘lost password’ function to reset your account. If you still experience issues, please contact us at, and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

There are so many (and will be so many more) new functionalities within GRACE, and we will be introducing them through the “Welcome to GRACE” link, also in the sidebar of the new site. We hope you are as excited as we are, and we welcome your feedback. We thank you again for your patience!

Regards – The (very tired) GRACE Team