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Iressa - 1245253

Dr. West, I wondered if Iressa is still being used in the US? Someone I know that was on Tarceva was having a very hard time and was recently hospitalized as she passed out. They have started her on Iressa. I have found an FDA postmarket drug safety memo that looks like it's was stopped unless you were already on it or in a clincal trial back in 2005? Is this accurrate? Trying to get used to this new format and I'm pretty computer literate. I am supplying the link from the FDA.
Take care, Judy

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Hi Judy,

The information you found is accurate. Iressa (Gefitinib) is only available in the U.S. to patients who have used it previously, as stated on the NIH website:

"Gefitinib is not available in pharmacies. You can only get gefitinib through a distribution program that has been set up by the manufacturer for people who have taken gefitinib in the past. You will need to sign a consent form before you receive any medication." -

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The limitations are just as above. I don't think it's possible to just write a prescription to start a patient on Iressa (gefitinib) as a commercially available drug today. I don't know anyone in the US who has tried to write for it in the last 5 years.

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