Joy to the GRACE world this Thanksgiving - 1267306

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 20:58

Thanksgiving is upon us and there is little I am more thankful for than GRACE. Dr. West and his colleagues, Jim and Catdander and Mark and the other volunteers, and the people who share their stories, joys, and anguish remind us that we're not alone. We are also reminded of the remarkable generosity of others, whether patients or health-care providers or family members, you are amazing, and I wish you each a peaceful and joyous Thanksgiving season, especially my incredible husband.

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Dr West

That is so, so kind. Thank you very much for thinking of us and for writing.

I'm thankful for the many other people that make this a real community. And for the new treatments that have become or are emerging to become novel options to improve outcomes for patients.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.