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Living with BAC - 1248916

To all of you have received a diagnosis of BAC and have come to this website for information:

In April of 2011 I was shocked when I got this diagnosis because I felt incredibly healthy. I was heading to surgery and treatment. Because I did not want to rush and wanted to do some research, I landed in heaven when I found Dr West and this website. I am from Phoenix, AZ but eventually went to Seattle to see Dr West.

In the past year and a half, my local oncologist has continued to work with Dr West and I am glad to report that I still have not had any treatment or surgery. It was the consensus to Watch and Wait. I just had my last CT and we have now moved from 3 month intervals to 6 month intervals upon Dr West's suggestion.

If you have found this website and the wonderful doctors, you have found the end of the rainbow.
I am writing this today to tell you that you must be your own advocate. Today, I consider myself a very lucky person in a club I never wanted membership.

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I also considered myself the luckiest person in the world ,as I too was able to consult with Dr West regarding my diagnosis of Bac. His input into my treatment plan will be absolutely invaluable!!