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lung cancer - 1255960

I have stage 111B lung cancer. I have had 30 radiation treatments along with once a week chemo carbo/taxol for 6 weeks.. Had a petscan/ct in october it has shrunk . So they decided take change chemo drugs to carbo/altima once a month from nov to april. In march and april had severe reaction to carpoplatin. Had pet scan/ct wednesday dr. called yesterday said cancer had growed bk in that area. app on monday to figure next plan of action. Guess what concerns me does the chemo dont work sometimes? Blood levels have all stayed great

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Hello dwebster, I'm very sorry to know you're in this position. It's quite normal to become hypersensitive to carbo after 4 or 6 cycles. Unfortunately what's most normal is to become less responsive to chemo over time. However, you're it's reasonable to hope your cancer will respond to another chemo drug or targeted therapy. Here is a link to a post written on the subject.
This is a primer to treatment that will give a good overview of even though you've been through 1st line I find it very informative.

I hope this helps and don't hesitate to ask more questions,
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I'm sorry to hear of this recurrence after all of the treatment you have received to this point. I think Janine has provided a great summary of the "what are the possibilities for what to do next?", and if you have other follow up questions, we'd be happy to try to tackle them, at least offering some general thoughts.

Good luck.

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