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Mon, 05/28/2018 - 09:28

I had lung cancer surgery 5 weeks ago. Due to some issues, I had a CT scan last week which showed either normal surgical changes or possible new cancer.
My question; Is it possible for a tumor to appear and grow to over 2 cm in less than a month in someone with a history of lung cancer?

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Hi Kate,

Welcome to Grace. I'm sorry you're having this scare but it's very likely inflammation from surgery is causing the appearance on the scan. It's unlikely cancer would grow 2cm in just 4 weeks but cancer can do anything so it's not out of the question. A question you might want to ask yourself is when your cancer was first scanned how big was it, how big was it when taken out and how long in between were those 2 measures. You would expect mostly the same growth rate so if there was no significant growth between first scan and surgery then it would be assumed the 2cm mass is inflammation. Your surgeon's team would be able to say if there was a significant change in size between the first ct and the mass taken out. If the surgeon isn't concerned then that probably means there was no unusually fast grown pace to the original tumor and will watch for changes in the next scan.

I wish I could say not to worry but I know you will. Plz keep us posted here so others can see that an awful lot of our worry is for naught.

All best,


Thank you for replying to my question.
The original tumor took 11 months to grow 5 mm, but then suddenly grew 4 mm in 3 months.
I will wait hand see what new scan shows in August.


Hi katek,

I agree with waiting until the next scan before getting too anxious about the scan changes. As Janine stated, Inflammation can appear in the area of the surgery and in the first several months after surgery that can make it very difficult to tell exactly what is going on.

Let us know how the next scan goes...that should provide more useful information, and I hope it will indicate less likelihood of recurrence, and with it, a reduction in your level of concern.

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Thank you for responding.