Member Status Updates for blue skies - 1246944

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blue skies
Member Status Updates for blue skies - 1246944

I think that Janine, at Certain Spring's request, established a new member update topic for me, which I really appreciate.

I am not savvy enough to figure this out myself, so I was wondering if it is possible for you to copy the following posts to that forum topic: Blue Skies in DC/Member Updates:

#1245269, 31245322, #12467995, #1246943, and #1246793

As I recall, earlier posts have been archived and are difficult/unable to be brought forward into the new site (incorporated as part of my member update forum entry). Is that correct? Otherwide, I'd go looking for the earleir updates I posted to capture the direction of my ellness and treatmetn. There wouldn't be very many of those. I was mostly a lurker.

Thanks for your help.