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Fri, 09/26/2014 - 18:46

I have seen forums for melanoma patients on MK-3475, but Merck has opened up new trials for other types of cancers. My friend has acinic cell carcinoma and was PD-L1 positive and got into a head and neck slot. I would like to hear from other people on MK-3475 trials as to when and if they have seen results. He has had 4 infusions and will have scans before the 5th. We travel from South Carolina to Maryland every two weeks and he gets 10mg/kg. He was diagnosed as terminal in June at MD Anderson and given 6 to 12 months. His tumor is against the temporal bone and the first vertebra. His pain has become constant starting about 2 weeks ago. It would be good to connect with others going through the same trial. His doctor has two other patients, one with ovarian cancer which did not respond and another with colon cancer who is still in the trial after 8 infusions.

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Some GRACE members may chime in with their experiences, but the problem with immunotherapies is that some patients respond extremely well while others don't, and it's not clear why. I hope your friend has a great, long-lasting response.

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