My ct xray doesn't add up

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My ct xray doesn't add up

The Ct xray i have is marked " 6.7mm groundlass module" but  it looks like a mass as big as a golfball. This was an incidental finding and have to get this nodule checked out in a few months but it looks like amass and im concerned that the e.r radiologist didn't scrutinize it. 


I wish i can share the xray picture to get  a perspective about the C.T marking by the doctor. Maybe the mass is something to do with the software . I'm not allowed to share the image. 

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Hi Tonytron,Welcome to Grace.

Hi Tonytron,

Welcome to Grace.  I'm sorry your are having this scare.  We couldn't comment on your scan anyway.   A 6mm mass is most likely an infection or benign mass. If it's infection you might not even know it and it should go away within 3 months. If it doesn't change then you can check it every 3, 6 months to make sure it doesn't change then every year or so.  There are no set standards on timing of scans for following a mass.

To get a better understanding your CT you might have a pulmonologist look at it and the pulmonologist can check with their radiologist if needed.


I hope you find that out goes away.

All best,



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Nodule vs. mass

Hi tonytron,


I'm sorry this CT finding is causing such concern, quite understandibly. This statement from the Cleveland Clinic may help:


"If the growth is 3 centimeters or less in diameter, it is commonly called a nodule. When a nodule forms in the lungs, it is called a pulmonary nodule. Any growth bigger than 3 centimeters in diameter is called a mass." - (the discussion of lung nodules on that page may also be helpful.


It is certainly reasonable to seek a clarification of the radiology report, as transcription errors do occur. One possibility is that the report should have stated "67mm", which is more in line with your observation of a golf ball-sized nodule (golf balls are about 42mm in diameter).


I hope this information helps and that further clarification will help put your mind at ease as much as possible.


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