Pancoast tumour

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Pancoast tumour


Request your help.

i am a 37 years old male.7 years smoker approx 10 a day.

i am having upper right back ,shoulder pain which radiates to fingers.pain is dull all time.feeling like some changes in left eye as well(heaviness and sinking like).

went to orthopaedic and he did mri.doctornsaid its inflammation.however there is a lump under skin between the neck and shoulder (can feel using fingers) so the doctor has asked for CT SCAN. which will be done in 2 weeks time.this is making me bery anxious and sleepless as its always going on in my mind.

A chest ct was done 1year back and it was all clear.

Can this pancoast tumour develop in 10-11 months time?very scared as symptoms matches.



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Pancoast tumor



Welcome to GRACE. I'm sorry that you are experiencing such pain and other symptoms. At your age and with your 7 year moderate smoking history, it is very unlikely that these symptoms are caused by a pancoast tumor. Lung cancer usually takes many years to develop to the point at which it causes significant symptoms. 


The CT can definitively determine that you do not have a pancoast tumor, since a tumor which causes your level of discomfort is extremely likely to appear on a CT. I hope that after this has been ruled out, further follow up with your doctors will pinpoint the cause of your symptoms and lead to an intervention that will alleviate them.


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