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Sun, 06/21/2020 - 03:52

Hello,I'm so afaid.I know I have lung cancer.PET coming next week.In 2004 ct scan showed a 6mm lung nodule in lower right lung.Anoter scan 12 months later showed nodule was un changed.Then in 2009 scan showed nodule was 9mm.2014 scan showed nodule has not changed for 5 years.Now last week,ct chest scan showed nodule was 11,8 at new doctor's office. This scan also showed enlarged lymph node near  trachea. Visit with lung doctor coming soon..Have copd and have been having quite a few lung infections lately.

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Hi smiths38,


Welcome to GRACE. I'm sorry to hear that you've received concerning new scan results, but there are some encouraging aspects to these findings. First, the growth rate of this nodule has been extremely slow, not at all typical of an aggressive lung cancer. Also, any number of non-cancer related conditions can cause an enlarged lymph node, and since you've had a number of lung infections, that could certainly be the culprit.


At this point, it's not at all certain that you have lung cancer, and even if it is, it has been so indolent that there would be a real risk of overtreating it. No form of lung cancer treatment is risk-free, so it will be good to discuss your options at your upcoming appointment. Please do not be surprised or concerned if your doctor suggests a wait and see approach, as that may prove to be the safest option for you at this time.


I hope you have an informative and encouraging meeting with your doctor. Please keep us updated.


Jim C

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