Pancoast tumour

Mon, 03/30/2020 - 10:46

I'm so worried and panicking I had shoulder pain in 2018 had an x ray showed minor lipping it clicked now and then but produced an Ache then I woke with neck pain a month later Gp ordered physio thst did nothing eventually had 6 Mk this later a ct scan of neck that showed c5 c6 prolapse and a brain Aneurysm which will be operated on soon neuro said pain in neck shoulder is not linked then last July the brain scan showed sinus issue which has caused ear pressure tinnitus mild in both ears but pressure is present more on the right side which is where the shoulder pain is along with a deep ache outer right arm so it's all right sided in the mean time ent hAvr put camera through nose and back if throat as the throat sensation is like post nasal drip I have no cough no coughing if any mucus and no breAthing problems I'm at my wits end thinking the worst I had an emg nerve test all was clear with this to be next wants to do an mri as neuro said it might be thoracic I'm scared now and with the virus of Covid my apps are delayed or cancelled so yes I'm constantly researched what may be wrong and Pancoast tumour came up do just to go through things X-ray shoulder mild lipping mri neck prolapse c5c6 not bad enough to surgically intervene as it swings to left the right sided problems I have neuro said not connected crated by a chiropractor on neck shoulder just showed mild degeneration if the discs nothing else picked up though I haven't had any chiro treatment yet 

waiting for mri for thoractic investigation into so so worried I may have a tumour there in the day the ache is less it's more at night the upper right arm bones seems to click when I move the right shoulder to so since 2018 things are progressively worsening. I use nasal spray for the sinus which not sure it's helping it's this lump like feeling back of throat that's concerning to and neck ears throat all connected ? Right is it my c5c6 I'm told no is it frozen shoulder ?  Is it Pancoast tumour ? If so it's had a while to grow and kinda makes sense that things are getting worse thecthtiat feels like it's swallowing mucus but there's nothing there nothing to cough up etc I'm so confused or is it shoulder impingement it's shows the symptoms of frozen shoulder and shoulder impingement and this Pancoast tumour not sure why though with the ear and throat thing please someone help I'm so low and depressed and quarantined in uk due to this virus 

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Hi Milley,


Welcome to Grace.  I'm very sorry you're dealing with so many issues.  It's a lot at any time but I understand it's particularly concerning now when getting medical attention is uncertain.  Your situation sounds quite complicated and not something we aren't equipped to comment on.  One thing is certain if you have a pancoast tumor that causes pain a CT will pick it up.  An mri will also pick up tumors, however they scan a much smaller area and could miss a tumor if the mri is directed at pain but not the tumor itself.  I hope you find a cause and cure soon.


All best,